Cohort Cantabria, the personalized medicine project in Cantabria

19 de December de 2022

Cohorte Cantabria is an observational clinical research study “unique and pioneering in Spain” that is being developed at the Valdecilla Hospital. The aim is to learn and understand the causes and advance in diagnosis and prognosis of different acute and chronic diseases affecting the population of the community. Cohorte Cantabria is a multipurpose cohort, open to the scientific community and designed to study diseases associated with aging, lifestyle and quality of life, nutrition and exercise, with the aim of finding new health determinants.

Since it was launched in April 2021, it has not ceased to be successful, so it expects to become one of the largest cohorts in the country and an international reference. To date, more than 20,000 volunteers have signed up and the goal is to recruit 20% of the target population (40-69 years old) in each municipality of Cantabria, a total of 50,000 volunteers. Currently, Santander and the municipalities around the bay are the ones that contribute the most participants to the project and are closest to achieving this goal, but it is necessary to increase the participation of the most remote areas.

Participation in this project is voluntary and altruistic, contributing to the development of biomedical research. All those interested in joining this project can do so through the website, where information and the possibility of registering are available.