IMPaCT Cohort: a large study to improve the health of the Spanish population

16 de May de 2024

Cohorte IMPaCT is an ambitious health study of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III coordinated by the Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red (CIBER) that aims to monitor the health of 200,000 people living in Spain over 20 years. Cohorte IMPaCT is being developed thanks to the participation of all the Autonomous Communities. It will […]

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New edition of the International Precision Medicine Forum

19 de July de 2023

In September, a new edition of the International Precision Medicine Forum, organized by IDIVAL, will begin. This Forum was created with the aim of updating and disseminating new trends in research and the state of the art in various diseases, all with a focus on precision medicine. Until the date, this program has been quite […]

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IDIVAL’s Regional Call for Programs to Dynamize Biosanitary Research

15 de February de 2023

More than 1M € aimed at promoting research and innovation in health in Cantabria through IDIVAL’s Regional Call for Programs to Dynamize Biosanitary Research (PLADIBIO).   The 11 programs of dynamization of biosanitary research called through this resolution are structured in two lines: Line 1.- Hiring for the promotion of research: These calls are aimed […]

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Cohort Cantabria, the personalized medicine project in Cantabria

19 de December de 2022

Cohorte Cantabria is an observational clinical research study “unique and pioneering in Spain” that is being developed at the Valdecilla Hospital. The aim is to learn and understand the causes and advance in diagnosis and prognosis of different acute and chronic diseases affecting the population of the community. Cohorte Cantabria is a multipurpose cohort, open […]

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